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Lamu attacked by armed militia at night gunshots heard July 8, 2014 July 7, 2014
One Somali killed in Mpeketoni and a mosque has been demolished in the same area July 8, 2014 July 6, 2014
Hindi trading center is under siege July 8, 2014 July 5, 2014
Gamba Police station has been attacked gunshots heard for more than 3 hours July 6, 2014 July 5, 2014
The Pokomo are being supported by the MRC (Mombasa Republican Council). July 4, 2014
Suspected Al shabab militia attack Lamu Mpeketoni and kill many people in a shoot out July 4, 2014
The Mpeketoni attackers were an organized band of local and Somali militants under a command of experienced commanders. July 4, 2014
Cushites in Tana county are struggling for the top political posts in the county government so as to stabilise themselves for tribal clashes that the Pokomo believe will occur July 4, 2014
Six people from Kikuyu Community Killed in Witu early morning by unknown assailants in a village called Sende Mpya others in Hospital July 4, 2014
Numerous gunshots heard in Kipao area in the midst of the night July 2, 2014
A famous Pastor from Tarassa was arrested with weapons in the Forest around Chara Location July 2, 2014
In Kilelengwani, Orma families are fleeing to safe areas, seemingly anticipating violence. July 2, 2014
In Tarassa junction a lorry was seen at 7pm with people who were suspected to be militia and its unknown where exactly they were planning to attack July 2, 2014
Mombasa Republican Council are training at Kilifi Forest and the target is to attack Tana Delta region. July 2, 2014
Some individuals are planning to use the countrywide call for demonstration by KNUT to stage attacks. July 2, 2014
One more farmer killed in Witu in an unknown circumstance July 2, 2014
So many people are buying firearms as the prices of the arms have gone down majority being businessmen from Wardei community who fear for outbreak of violence July 2, 2014
People are suspicious of fundraisers done on 15th June 2014 by in Garsen by Ormas and Wardei to be carried out for purposes of purchasing firearms July 1, 2014
Banditry road side attack along garsen-minjila road a boda boda operator was shot and robbed. July 1, 2014
Ormas from Kipao are harvesting mangoes from the farm of a Pokomo and destroying the mango trees across the river. June 27, 2014
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