Jabe Judith
Jabe Judith
October 29, 2019
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Updated Rumour Status
3-Apr-2020 South Sudan receives COVID-19 test-kits and to commence the ... New / uninvestigated
2-Apr-2020 Diamond Platinum's Manager Sallam Sharat has been confirmed ... Impossible to verify
2-Apr-2020 A new born Sudanese baby said taking sugarless tea with adde... Confirmed false
31-Mar-2020 The body of man identified as having come from Tika committe... Confirmed true
27-Mar-2020 Public transportation from Arua to the refugee camps is goin... Confirmed true
27-Mar-2020 Uganda has confirmed its first case of the COVID-19 virus Confirmed true
27-Mar-2020 A COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Imvepi Refugee Settlem... Confirmed false
27-Mar-2020 The Chinese government donated money and equipment to South ... Under investigation
27-Mar-2020 Arua District has confined people indoors until 10:00 AM due... Confirmed false
23-Mar-2020 The World Food Programme (WFP) is cutting off food distribut... New / uninvestigated
23-Mar-2020 South Sudan Peoples Defense Forces (SSPDF) are preparing to ... New / uninvestigated
19-Mar-2020 Thomas Cirillo is involved in the newly-formed Unity Governm... Confirmed false
19-Mar-2020 The cure for coronavirus (COVID-19) has been discovered in A... Confirmed false
19-Mar-2020 A woman was killed in cold blood in Tika, Odubo this morning... Impossible to verify
19-Mar-2020 The musician turned legislator for Kyandondo East Robert Kya... Probably false
19-Mar-2020 The ministerial positions of the Unity Government in South S... Impossible to verify
19-Mar-2020 Sudanese prime minister Abdalla Hamdok narrowly survived ass... Confirmed true
19-Mar-2020 Heavy fighting erupted in Pibor Administrative Area between ... Probably true
19-Mar-2020 Opposition leader Dr Riek Machar and his wife Angelina, who ... Impossible to verify
19-Mar-2020 A refugee radio station has been opened in Omugo Refugee Set... New / uninvestigated
18-Mar-2020 The police arrested a man for stealing solar panels in Ocea ... Confirmed true
18-Mar-2020 The government of South Sudan is tarmacking Juba-Yei road New / uninvestigated
18-Mar-2020 One person has been confirmed as having coronavirus in Arua ... Confirmed false
18-Mar-2020 A conflict arose between community arrow boys of Zombo Distr... Probably true
18-Mar-2020 Windle Trust, which is an organization operating in the refu... Confirmed true
12-Mar-2020 Opposition leader Dr Riek Machar demands 24 states for South... Confirmed false
12-Mar-2020 Journalists working for Bakhita FM have been arrested by the... Under investigation
23-Feb-2020 Coronavirus is believed to be acquired by drinking Corona wi... Confirmed false
23-Feb-2020 South Sudanese minister of information Micheal Makuei has re... Confirmed false
23-Feb-2020 Yei County in South Sudan has been destroyed Confirmed false
23-Feb-2020 Desert locusts have invaded Eastern Equatoria's Magwe and Na... Confirmed true
23-Feb-2020 The peace deal has been signed after the return of Salva Kii... Confirmed true
23-Feb-2020 Locusts have invaded the Karamojong region of Uganda Confirmed true
19-Feb-2020 Locusts have invaded the northern part of Uganda, particular... Confirmed true
19-Feb-2020 The South Sudanese government has deployed soldiers in the a... Impossible to verify
19-Feb-2020 The security situation in Juba, South Sudan currently is ver... Impossible to verify but probably true
16-Feb-2020 The South Sudanese government military store in Kajo Keji wa... New / uninvestigated
16-Feb-2020 Locusts have invaded Ocea Zone in the Rhino Camp Refugee Set... New / uninvestigated
16-Feb-2020 The Ugandan Government supplied South Sudan with guns but th... New / uninvestigated
16-Feb-2020 A girl was defiled and impregnated by a grown man in Ocea Zo... New / uninvestigated
16-Feb-2020 There is an outbreak of coronavirus in China Confirmed true
16-Feb-2020 Food distribution has started in Ofua Zone Confirmed true
12-Feb-2020 The South Sudan government deployed soldiers in the areas of... New / uninvestigated
12-Feb-2020 Fi nas kubarin ta ukuma ta Junub Sudan takalu fi sigin ma k... Confirmed true
10-Feb-2020 Police in Imvepi Refugee Settlement arrested refugee shopkee... New / uninvestigated
10-Feb-2020 The formation of the unity government is being transferred t... Confirmed true
7-Feb-2020 The warring parties are progressing towards the implementati... Probably false
3-Feb-2020 The Village Health Teams (VHTs) in Imvepi Refugee Settlement... Under investigation
30-Jan-2020 Two men were arrested while stealing a community wheelbarrow... Confirmed true
30-Jan-2020 A man was killed by a mob that accused him of stealing two c... Impossible to verify
Date Comment Rumour
5-Mar-2020 According to sources reached this busine... The businessman who owns the Yei Resort ...
15-Jan-2020 The link below shows that there was actu... Fighting broke out between rival securit...
28-Nov-2019 I also heard about this from the link be... The South Sudanese president Salva Kiir ...
18-Nov-2019 Its true that the fuel tankers exploded ... Fuel tanks travelling from Juba to Marid...