James Mambo
James Mambo
May 7, 2019
23 reported
29 sighted
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Updated Rumour Status
31-Aug-2020 UNHCR and Windle international abstracted scholarship that w... Impossible to verify but probably false
31-Aug-2020 The South Sudanese government has armed cattle keepers and l... Impossible to verify
31-Aug-2020 Heavy fighting has erupted between Bul youths in Mayom and t... Confirmed true
27-Jul-2020 There is chaos and confusion in Wau after an unknown number ... Confirmed true
21-Jul-2020 Heavy fighting erupted in Tonj when National Security person... Impossible to verify
2-Jul-2020 A Ugandan national accused of witchcraft have been arrested ... Probably true
2-Jul-2020 A resident of Amanguya village in Odubu was wounded by unkno... Impossible to verify
2-Jul-2020 A man was arrested with the heads of two children in his bag... Confirmed true
13-Jan-2020 The United Nations Security Council sanctioned the first vic... Confirmed true
17-Dec-2019 Two children have been abducted along the Juba-Torit highway Under investigation
16-Dec-2019 Night clubs in Juba have been banned after claims by the Sou... Confirmed true
9-Dec-2019 Two South Sudanese returnees in Otogo Payam of Yei River Sta... Under investigation
9-Dec-2019 Stolen tents and solar panels have been recovered in Wanyang... Confirmed true
9-Dec-2019 The host community in Ofua 3 burnt down grass harvested by r... Under investigation
25-Nov-2019 An old woman of 76 years old was raped and slaughtered by th... Under investigation
25-Nov-2019 South Sudan’s Government soldiers and their affiliated mil... Impossible to verify
20-Nov-2019 A 7 year and 20-month old children were kidnapped by South S... Confirmed true
18-Nov-2019 Fuel tanks travelling from Juba to Maridi State explode in M... Confirmed true
18-Nov-2019 An Equatorian was beaten nearly to death by a group of Dinka... Probably true
5-Nov-2019 NAS forces captured several main towns in Yei state territor... Impossible to verify
5-Nov-2019 We hear the united state mission in South Sudan has issued a... Under investigation
5-Jun-2019 One person killed in a fight that broke out in Imvepi recept... Confirmed true
Date Comment Rumour
16-Dec-2019 I received a message from a Darforian dr... Many people in Lainya County have been m...
18-Nov-2019 On that fateful day, there was a distrib... An Equatorian was beaten nearly to death...