Viola Engura
Viola Engura
March 29, 2019
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Updated Rumour Status
2-Dec-2020 The tribal advisers to the South Sudanese president commonly... Impossible to verify but probably false
5-Aug-2019 The peace agreement collapsed following the ousting of Omar ... Impossible to verify
4-Jul-2019 The cereals distributed to children by the WFP in the hospit... Impossible to verify but probably false
12-Jun-2019 Five traders killed along Yei kaya road by gun man suspected... Confirmed true
12-Jun-2019 Host community members killing animals belonging to refugees Probably true
12-Jun-2019 New arrivals from South Sudan increase in Uganda's Imvepi re... Confirmed true
12-Jun-2019 Refugee women chased away from fetching firewood at Luruja. ... Impossible to verify but probably true
10-Jun-2019 A South Sudanese lady who returned back to Rajaf a village ... Impossible to verify but probably true
5-Jun-2019 Plastic rice were distributed to refugee in Imvepi Confirmed false
30-May-2019 Some Refugee youth were arrested to have stolen goats belon... Confirmed false
29-May-2019 Heavy fighting erupts in Yei river state between the governm... Confirmed false
28-May-2019 The cattle headers grazing around rigbo Sub County are Ugand... Probably false
23-May-2019 Humanitarian workers assaulted by soldiers while delivering ... Confirmed true
23-May-2019 The south Sudan government demanded Refugee to be repatriate... Impossible to verify
23-May-2019 Ethnic related killings in kapoeta as two farmers were shot... Confirmed true
23-May-2019 South Sudanese youth in Juba and in the diaspora are stagin... Confirmed true
23-May-2019 Heavy armed forces deployed in all corners in juba to shot t... Confirmed true
23-May-2019 A huge military deployment causes panicking and fear to loca... Confirmed true
22-May-2019 Three ladies were kidnapped in Kajo keji County by unknown a... Confirmed true
22-May-2019 A returnee slaughtered in Lainya County. Confirmed false
13-May-2019 Luruja 3 was invaded by swam of destroying caterpillars Confirmed true
18-Apr-2019 Thomas Cyrillo to destroy South Sudan into ash by 5th of M... Probably false
17-Apr-2019 Sudan's former president Omar Al-Bashir has been transferre... Confirmed true
15-Apr-2019 Suspected wizardry and poison among refugees in Omugo 5 Impossible to verify
15-Apr-2019 Police arrested 6 youths suspected to be causing havoc to pe... Probably true
12-Apr-2019 Is it true that kiir and Riek are in Vatican Probably true
8-Apr-2019 A man turned into a cabbage and a woman's blood was sacked b... Probably false
30-Mar-2019 Rebecca Garang signs revitalised peace deal Confirmed true
30-Mar-2019 LC1 stole the community solar panel at Simbili of Siripi zon... Confirmed true
30-Mar-2019 IDPs in Juba demonstrated to return to ten states Confirmed true

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