A host community member suspected of stealing two hoes in Eden Zone was beaten to death. His relatives retaliated by burning down two houses and preparing to take revenge on refugees.  
Occurred in Eden zone Rhino Camp, Uganda on June 6, 2020, at 10:00 AM
Reported by anonymous via SMS on June 6, 2020, at 10:01 AM in Ofua 3, Uganda

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Location Reported by Via Date
Ofua 3, Uganda anonymous SMS 6-Jun-2020 @ 10:01 AM
June 15, 2020 | 4:39 AM | JJ
According to an eye witness it was exactly 11:00 pm that faithful night when he heard people screaming at the neighborhood for about an hour. The following morning, his colleague whom they work with in the garden found a body laying there then called him so they informed the RWC1 Chairperson of the area , who later on informed the police.

June 6, 2020 | 3:11 AM | anonymous
MODERATOR This morning I spoke to a contact in Eden refugees settlement, he said, “hoes that belong to a refugee were lost or stolen by a man suspected to be from the host community, conflict quickly erupted and one suspect (host Community) was bitten to death and two houses that belong to the owner of the lost hoes were set ablaze in retaliation by host community”