A large crowd at Koboko Central Police Station booed the former MP Anite Evalyne after they raided the home of Charles Yakani, the new flag bearer of the NRM, and impounded his campaign materials.  
Occurred in Koboko District, Uganda on December 2, 2020, at 3:02 PM
Reported by JJ via Walk-in / in person on December 3, 2020, at 12:00 PM in Koboko, Uganda
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Evelyn Anite confronted police officers at Koboko Central Police Station after they raided the home of Charles Yakani and impounded NRM campaign materials. Anite accused the police of masterminding her loss to Ayume in the August primaries and also claimed they had impounded the materials to cause President Yoweri Museveni's loss in the general elections slated for early next year. A crowd outside the station booed Anite as she was hurriedly taken back to her car. An investigation in Koboko has confirmed that Anite, who had accepted her loss during the NRM primaries, was secretly bankrolling Yakani against Ayume.

Read more details here: https://www.newvision.co.ug/news/1533935/police-raids-home-anite-backed-candidate-koboko

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Location Reported by Via Date
Koboko, Uganda JJ Walk-in / in person 3-Dec-2020 @ 12:00 PM
Omugo 6, Uganda JJ SMS 3-Dec-2020 @ 9:35 AM
Arua, Uganda JJ Walk-in / in person 3-Dec-2020 @ 9:30 AM
koboko, Uganda JJ Internet 3-Dec-2020 @ 4:21 AM
Ofua 3, Uganda JJ Walk-in / in person 2-Dec-2020 @ 6:05 PM
Ofua 2, Uganda JJ Voice / telephone 2-Dec-2020 @ 3:05 PM
Akino Parish, Uganda anonymous SMS 2-Dec-2020 @ 3:03 PM

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