A Dinka man set on fire two Equatorian children sleeping inside to death during the absence of the mother in Koboko district. And now is steering the spirit of revenge from the Equatorian communities.  
Occurred in Koboko, Uganda on July 25, 2019, at 2:50 PM
Reported by anonymous via SMS on July 25, 2019, at 2:52 PM in Ocea B, Uganda

This rumour is confirmed false and is of high priority – here's why:
The suspected Dinka man is not responsible for the burning of the house but the 8 and 5-year-old children were left behind by the mother as she proceeded to a nearby burial ceremony when the fire broke out burning the two into ashes. This incidence happened in the afternoon hours of Monday in Koboko district Abele parish a residential area where many South Sudanese are residing. According to the LC1 of the area the mother of the deceased locked the two children inside while sleeping and proceeded to attend a burial in the neighborhood when the fire broke out behind. The neighbors attempted to rescue the house from the fire but could not since the fire start from the inside and also didn't know that children were locked inside the house. No suspected is apprehended in connection to this incident since no one has yet established the course of the fire outbreak.

This heatmap depicts the spread of rumours over time. Hotter areas of the map denote earlier sightings, while cooler areas indicate delayed dispersion.

Location Reported by Via Date
Ocea B, Uganda anonymous SMS 25-Jul-2019 @ 2:52 PM
July 28, 2019 | 8:56 AM | anonymous
MODERATOR This rumor was circulated by a word of mouth from a refugee residing in the Koboko district. She came to receive her relief food items in Ofua 6 and later narrated this to the close friends and family members. And later spread to the whole cluster and the nearby zone.

July 28, 2019 | 8:54 AM | anonymous
MODERATOR We spoke to different sources in Abele in Koboko where the incidence happened they discovered the population of Abele parish where the incident happened is dominated by South Sudanese more especially from the Equatorian region and the chances of a Dinka responsible for burning the two children may not be true. The mother was put under interrogation and was found out that she was cooking inside the house with a stove and as she was going for the burial she decided to leave the stove inside while the children were asleep. Several sources in including the police have established that the incident is due to the negligent of the mother who left the stove inside while the children were sleeping.